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Email: uksales@bottletot.com

Web: www.bottletotuk.com


Over pouring, free drinks and theft – the major concerns that seriously affect the profitability of bars, pubs, restaurants and other retail operations around the world. Statistics indicate that losses can run as high as 25% of sales. Eliminating shrinkage can mean the difference between financial success and failure.


BOTTLETOT is a software package designed to print self-adhesive labels that stick onto the side of the spirit bottles. These labels facilitate a quick and accurate stocktake process by eliminating guesswork. As you only print what you need there is no wastage.


BOTTLETOT allows for diversity. Each label is accurately calibrated to fit spirit, shooter and liquor bottles. BOTTLETOT will work on any operating system and any printer.


Have you ever considered the difficulties faced by tavern owners, hotels, restaurants and social clubs in keeping tabs on liquor stocks?  Daily control is a nightmare being a hit and miss affair. It involves expensive tools, inaccuracies, dishonest staff and loss of stock. The slow process of manually measuring each bottle results in loss of profit and trading time.


BOTTLETOT will directly result in easier stocktaking, tighter controls, total accuracy, absolute uniformity, maximum profit and the preference among all bar and restaurant owners who sell liquor in 25ml tot units. Most clients recover the cost of the system in only a few weeks!


Designed by a tavern owner, the BOTTLETOT system can be adapted to fit all bottles of any shape. Every bottle will have its own label with its own unique calibration printed on. As long as you can count, you will be able to determine your exact stock at shift end without lifting the bottle off the shelf or removing it from the optic.


Advantages of BOTTLETOT


Simple Installation

1. Install the software onto your pc or laptop.

2. Select the brands you stock from the BOTTLETOT database.

3. Decide how many labels to be printed for each brand.

4. Print and apply the labels onto the bottles.


1. No bottle, upright or optic has to be removed from the shelf to count stock.

2. Labels can be fitted to the bottles in the storeroom and issued by number.

3. Bottles that are not already on the system can be calibrated and added to the software.


1. You can password protect your software.

2. The date is printed on all labels.

3. Product name is printed on all labels.

4. Outlet account number printed on every label.

5. Optic labels are marked with an "O" and printed upside down.

6. Every set of labels can be colour coded for different staff or bars.

7. Every label has easy to read numbers.

8. All labels will be numbered as per your usage, starting from number 1 and increasing as you print more labels. You can now              

    monitor how many bottles of each product has been labelled and used. You may print your statistics or reset them at any time.


Stocktaking can now be done in a fraction of the time with more accuracy, leaving you to do what you have been trained for, running your business!