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Email: uksales@bottletot.com

Web: www.bottletotuk.com

On the top left side of the page there are three dropdown menus.



This will give you the types of spirits.



Optic bottles are marked "O".



You may print as many labels from 1 upwards. 

When you have made your selection click OK.

You are now ready to choose your next label.

Repeat the process until you have selected the labels for all your stock. Should you wish to change your selection you may add, edit or delete one or all the bottles.


​Please note this system is for single license users only and is not transferable.


First you will need to register your software.

You can password protect your software under Settings - Security.

Please remember your password, as we will be unable to unlock it should you forget.

You will be asked if the labels printed correctly. If there was a problem select the page numbers that need to be reprinted and click OK otherwise just click cancel. Your current selection will automatically be saved for future use.

Once you have selected all your labels simply click on print.

We suggest you print a whole page (17 labels) at a time as when a label has been peeled off the backing the weight distribution may interfere with your printing.

Look at the lower right hand side of the page. There is a block that tells you how many labels you have selected, how many sheets of labels you have used and how many blank labels there are on your page.


When fitting your labels make sure the bottles are clean and dry.


Upright Bottles: The number 0 on the label must line up with the base of the bottle.

Optic Bottles: The line above the last tot must line up with the base of the bottle.

The base of the bottle is where the bottom of the bottle touches the counter.

If you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.